The Ground Team serves as the hands, feet and heart of popwe at Matthew West concerts and events. This ministry was born out of Matthew’s desire to take his music beyond entertainment. The role of the Ground Team is simple: to promote the “power of story” and pray with those in need after the show – to help them find healing, experience hope and take their next step in a journey toward Christ.

Whether you are a Ground Team Leader or Ground Team Member, this page provides all of the resources you need to be inspired and to help provide inspiration to others!


If you haven’t already been introduced to the story of popwe, or to Matthew West’s music, we encourage you to take a few moments to check out these short videos. We promise, it will be worth your time!

The story of popwe

Do Something

My Own Little World



These two checklists provide a step-by-step timeline and overview of your role.

Training Session Checklist

This document walks you through the steps to plan your training session.

Concert Checklist

Once your training session is complete, this checklist will guide you through the few final steps to take leading up to your concert/event!


Concert fast-approaching and not sure whether you have the time to devote to training? Or feeling like your group might be “all set” without it?

We’d ask you to take just a few moments to learn a little more about the session before you decide. Scroll through the Facilitator Guide or click into our webinar. Even if your group has prayer ministry experience, this training session content provokes incredible discussion and teaches skills around the prayer process that are transferable to all aspects of your life! Those who have attended have given it RAVE REVIEWS – so we can confidently say that your group will find it to be time well-spent! We hope you’ll make the time to make it happen!

Invitation – Ground Team Volunteers

Send this invitation, along with your personal message, to 10-15 potential volunteers (with the goal of getting 5-10 at the show). Be sure to customize with the date, time and location of your Training Session.

Statement of Faith

Since the Ground Team represents Matthew West and his ministry at concerts and events, popwe believes it is important that those who serve with us know what we believe and can represent those tenets while serving with us. Take a moment and read our Statement of Faith!


We want your volunteers to feel capable in their role – so our simple, plug-and-play training session is designed to build confidence (yours and theirs)!

Training Session PowerPoint

This presentation is completely turnkey — we’ve given you everything you need to have an effective and inspiring session!

IMPORTANT: Includes several short videos, so please ensure your training venue has sound capability.

Facilitator Guide

This guide provides an overview of the session, along with step-by-step notes for each slide. A printed copy of this guide is included in the care package we send to each Ground Team Leader.


Thank you for accepting the call to be part of this ministry in a very real and purposeful way! Your local training session will provide you with the simple yet effective resources you’ll need to feel confident in your role! Here’s a quick preview:

If you need a quick refresher following your training session (or if for some reason you are unable to attend a training session) – this brief power point with narration provides an overview of our simple, 3-step Prayer Process.

This invitation provides a brief introduction and overview of the role of the Ground Team Volunteer.

This booklet serves as a resource for those who are beginning or rekindling their journey toward Christ.

This prayer card provides you with a simple outline and template you can use when praying with those who come forward.

This document answers the most Frequently Asked Questions about expectations for the night of the concert/event.