February 7

Teen Challenge


Teen Challenge is a Christ-centered, faith-based solution for youth, adults, and families struggling with life-controlling problems. Teen Challenge is dedicated to enabling people to live addiction-free lives. Teen Challenge recognizes that addiction is a serious and overwhelming issue and hopelessness can be debilitating. Abusing substances like meth, heroin, pills and alcohol is like racing down a path to destruction.

Teen Challenge understands that there are many other problems, in addition to drugs and alcohol, that have the potential to do just as much damage as substance abuse. In fact, substance abuse is often symptomatic of a much deeper life-controlling problem. Some of these include: poor self-image, violence, eating disorders and sexual addiction. Underlying all of these life-controlling problems is a broken person in urgent need of compassionate, holistic, and empowering help. Teen Challenge, through our Christ-focused approach, offers the time and space for broken people to experience God’s grace.




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