Let’s Go ALL IN!

Hey Guys, Matthew here!

I’m so excited for the release of my new record, “ALL IN” and I want to join you on this journey of learning what it means to go ALL IN. I’m willing to bet there’s an area in each of our lives on any given day where God is calling us to go deeper than we already are.

So we’re going to launch this six week plan discovering all the different areas of our lives where we can go deeper, go ALL IN, and we can reach the end of our lives with no regrets.

So I hope you enjoy and get as much out of this six week journey as I have putting this together. Let’s do this. Let’s go ALL IN!

Do Something:

  1. Send an email to yourself in the future! Commit to go ALL IN in an area in your life and use https://www.futureme.org to send yourself an email in the future, reminding yourself of your commitment!
  2. Post on Facebook, “Today, I’m going ALL IN!”