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What kind of story have you seen God work through in your life?

Let’s go ALL IN with our calling!

Hey Guys – Matthew Here!

I met a group of young men who were going through a Christian recovery program called Teen Challenge. It was before one of my concerts and I started to encourage them before we prayed together and I said, “Hey guys, I hope this concert inspires you to…” Before I was able to finish my sentence I heard a young man say, “Dream Again?”

He said those words with a question mark at the end, as if he was asking for permission not to be owned by the guilt of mistakes he’s made in his past or addictions that have chained him down. It’s like he was saying, “Is it OK for me to start dreaming again?!” I looked at him and said, “Yeah, that’s exactly my hope for you – that you’ll feel free to dream again.”

That’s what week 5 is about – we’re going ALL IN for God’s calling and dream for our lives. The Bible says He knows the plans He has for you. That’s not past tense, that’s present tense. God has a plan and calling for your life. Let’s go ALL IN and find out what it is.


  1. Read Matthew 4:18-22; Luke 5:27-28; Mark 10:21; Luke 9:59-60
  2. What do these passages say about going ALL IN?
  3. What is holding you back from going ALL IN with God’s calling on your life?
  4. What is God’s calling for your life? (Not sure where to start? Read Matthew 22:37-39)
  5. This week, pray that God would show you how to go ALL IN to His calling on your life and reveal what obstacles may be standing in your way.