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What kind of story have you seen God work through in your life?


Your life is a story. A story that is being written right here and right now. And your story matters. popwe is here to join you on the journey of discovering how to CRAFT. SHARE. and LIVE. a better, more fulfilling and meaningful story with your life. We invite you to explore this process, reflect on the videos and the questions, and get intentional about living the plan God has for you.


Equipping you to craft your story about real life and a very real God

Where do you start on the road to a significantly crafted story? The first step is trusting that you were not made in bulk. You were not mass-produced on some assembly line. You are more than just another face in the crowd. You are God’s handiwork, His craftsmanship. You are His idea, and He has already prepared an incredible story for you to enter into.


Inspiring you to share your story so that others might find the power of their own.

We all have a deep desire to know that our story matters. We all need to know that we are not alone. And we ALL have a story worth telling. When we share our stories, we have the power to tell someone else that they are not alone. Your story was never meant to be kept to yourself. The power in your story is discovered when you SHARE it. After all, what good would it be to craft an amazing life story only to keep it to yourself?


Challenging you to live out your story for His glory and connect with others through the one story that ties us all together, His story

Today is day ONE! Day ONE of the rest of your life, and day ONE of the best of your life.  It doesn’t matter how many messed up chapters may have already been written in your story. The focus now is about where God is leading you.  You’re still breathing. Your heart is still beating. Making a commitment to CRAFT. SHARE. and LIVE. the life that God created you to live means that the best of your story is yet to come!