Day 1 of the Rest of Your Life


Today is Day ONE.
Day ONE of the rest of your life, and
Day ONE of the best of your life!
The Bible reminds us that His mercies are new every morning. It doesn't matter how many messed up chapters may have already been written in your story. The focus now is about where God is leading you. You're still breathing. Your heart is still beating. The life that God created you to live means that the best of your
story is yet to come!

God can turn every single chapter of your story, the good, the bad, and the ugly, into something good and use for it for HIS GLORY. You might just be surprised by which chapters of your story God plans to shine through the brightest.

So, living your story simply means that you:
Remember what God has done in your life.
Live in a manner that reflects His love.
Take every opportunity to share your story to those around you. Every time you share your story, it brings glory to God.

Are you ready to unleash the power of what happens when you take God's hand and let Him show you how to CRAFT. SHARE. and LIVE the story He’s writing in your life?


Join us in providing hope and healing through the power of story, prayer, and ministry.


We all need a chance to be refreshed and refueled by God’s message for us. At Matthew West's concerts, you can hear stories and songs about God at work. Check out our schedule and see if a popwe or Matthew West event is happening near you.


Our volunteers are an integral part of our ministry and serve alongside us in two ways. Our popwe Ground Team offers prayer support at local Matthew West concerts and events. Our National Prayer Team commits to daily prayer for the special requests that are asked of our ministry throughout the year.