March 17

God’s mercies are new EVERY morning


  • Look up the word “steadfast” in the dictionary. What definitions do you see? Do these definitions change your view of God’s love for you? How so?
  • Now, type “faithful” into an online thesaurus. What synonyms do you see? Do these words describe God’s presence in your life? Which one describes it the most?
  • Do you feel that the “faithful” synonyms describe your relationship with God? Is there an aspect of faithfulness that you could improve with your relationship with God?
  • How would you live each day differently if you reminded yourself that God’s mercies are new every morning? Would you experience that “anxious anticipation” for each new day? Action: On a note card or sticky note write, ‘His mercies are new every morning’ and put it somewhere where you will see it right when you wake up every day.




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