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Craft Your Story

Your Story His Glory

God is always at work. He’s in the big things and the little things. Here at PopWe we share stories about what God is doing in our lives. Ready to share your story? Start to Craft Your Story today. 

Craft Your Story

Have a story in mind, or don’t know where to start? Either way we’ll help you draft your story of what God’s doing in your life.

Share Your Story

Your story reveals God’s glory. You’ll be able to share your story on our platform & engage with those whom it inspires.

Live Your Story

The best of your story is yet to come. We’ll connect you to resources, other story tellers, and continue to encourage you as you live your story. 

Craft Your Story

Join thousands of others crafting their stories and changing their lives. Read some of the stories others have crafted and see how it ca

I am an example of millions of people that have lived on planet earth. When I was born, my mother was on the run from the police, and my father was in prison for armed robbery. Ten days after my birthday, my mother was arrested. I was left at my grandmother’s house.

- Anonymous

 In 1992, I had an abortion and it took me until 2018 to truly forgive myself for it. For years, I had so much guilt about it and every August I would think about how old my baby would be since August would have been his birth month. I had 2 toddlers and my husband left me for another woman. I was so lost and depressed. I thought of ending my life. I was barely taking care of the two I had and I was wondering how I was going to take care of the one that that was growing in my belly.

- Venia

But, it was still difficult to try and fit in with everyone as I was growing up. I would often wonder why I was created differently, asking myself, "Why would God make me go through this?" Well, after I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior, I became more willing to open up about my prosthetic leg and allow God to use my story for His glory.

- Bradley

Learn how stories have impacted Matthew West

Stories have had an amazing impact on Matthew's life. They are amazing reflections of God at work. Imagine what God can do with your story. 

Matthew's Story

Matthew likes to call the moment he decided to follow God his "Blue Couch" moment. When you craft your story you can share your "Blue Couch" moment or other stories where you have seen God at work in your life. 

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Help more people share their story and reach their story to others.

Share Your Story

Craft Your Story

Inspire others by sharing your story. Who knows who God will reach with it. After all, he’s the one writing it.



Our volunteers are an integral part of our ministry and serve alongside us as members of our Ground Team and Prayer Warriors.

Pray For Others

Pray For Others

Encourage others in their stories who are requesting prayer. The knowledge that someone is praying will help them better understand God’s grace.