Defeating Satan

“Our greatest desire is for Cruz's story to change eternity and bring many souls to Christ.”

Defeating Satan

We recently lost a sweet four year old family member. Cruz lived his four years to the fullest, followed by the ultimate gain of eternity with Jesus. His time on earth did not get shortened, these four years and seven months were God’s perfect plan for his life since before he was born and he lived them more fully than most. As we have walked through the most difficult dark days of our lives, we have been sustained by a tender, loving, caring God who has faithfully carried us.

Cruz loved life. When he walked in the door, the party started. He was so full of life! He loved monster trucks, dinosaurs, swimming, and playing with his little brother. He loved people and he loved God. He loved telling people about his Jesus and had incredible faith at four years old. He asked everyone, “Do you know Jesus”?   He asked strangers at the park, his family, and even missionaries who were having dinner at his home. He had a desire for everyone to know Jesus and accept him into their hearts. Cruz’s favorite memory verse, Isaiah 43:5 encourages his family he left behind to share the hope of Jesus with boldness.

Our greatest desire is for Cruz’s story to change eternity and bring many souls to Christ. We tell people Cruz’s story and ask them if they know Jesus. We wear and give out, “faith like Cruz” bracelets to remind us to boldly share our faith. Our governor of Nebraska declared Cruz’s March 1st birthday, “Cruz Day” where all his family do random acts of kindness and encourage others to join us. We ask others, “Do you know Jesus?” We used the one year home-going anniversary to hold a worship service to praise our Lord who gave us Cruz and has been in the fire with us this year. He is faithful and worthy of all our praise. The night was also used to tell people about our Jesus. We are on a mission to use our greatest heartbreak to win souls to Christ. His mom and dad built their house, their foundation on the Lord Jesus Christ and are witnessing to so many by how they have clung to Jesus this year and their courage has helped so many of us to press on.  We are so very thankful how Cruz’s story has changed so many lives including our own. We have heard so many stories of people coming to Jesus and also those who have changed the way they live and evangelize because of a four-year-old who boldly asked the question, “do you know Jesus?”

Whenever Cruz would make a good choice he would ask, “Did I defeat satan?” I want to spend the rest of my life defeating satan by sharing the gospel.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story. Thank you for all you are doing to defeat satan and further God’s kingdom.

“Do you know Jesus?”

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