Fully Free

“I’m not loved…”

Fully Free

Abe:  I was addicted to pornography for 16 years. I finally discovered that I was addicted to porn because it masked my pain, which came from my false identity: I’m not loved, I’m not valuable, I have no worth.
I changed my identity to: child of God/man of God, and began walking in that identity. I also identified as porn free, but still couldn’t seem to get fully free.
I finally nailed the lie “I can never be fully free” to the cross, and haven’t looked back. Pornography is the old me, and the old me is in the past. I am now a man of God who is in control of his sexual urges.

Freedom is possible, and God granted it for me. He can do the same for you!

“I am now a man of God…”

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