God Always Provides

“Why did God let this happen?”

God Always Provides

Ginger: My husband Mark and I were married when I was 41 and he was 52. He was the Christian husband I had prayed about for years. Four years in, with his support, I started working full-time in children’s ministry. It meant a huge pay cut, no benefits, and training and travel away from home, but we were confident that this was God’s calling. Mark had a good job with benefits, so the risk to our livelihood was small.

Two weeks after I started the job, Mark had a heart attack that resulted in his death. I rejoiced that he loved Jesus and would be waiting for me in Heaven, but I was devastated. The pain of losing him was shocking. What would I do without him? How would I continue on this path of ministry? As the loss sunk in, I realized I couldn’t pay the bills on my own. Why did God let this happen? Summer ministry kept me busy, and in the midst of it a friend asked how I was holding up after my great loss. As we visited, she said, “Isn’t it wonderful that God knew you would need this ministry at this time in your life?” I hadn’t seen it that way. I had been asking God all along, “Why would You take my partner and my supporter, just when I needed him most?” How beautiful my friend’s viewpoint was to my weary heart. I thought I couldn’t stay on this path, but two years have gone by and here I am! God has provided in all kinds of ways, so that all my needs are met with abundance and ministry continues! When it seemed like the ground was pulled out from under me, I found that Mark and I were both held tightly in Jesus’ embrace, safe and loved forever. Proverbs 3:5-6 has carried me when my plans seem impossible. God’s plan will never fail!

“God has provided in all kinds of ways, so that all my needs are met with abundance and ministry continues!”

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