God Changed Everything

"In November 2013, I was facing my 3rd DWI and time in prison."

God Changed Everything

Jennifer: I wanted to share some of my testimony, since Matthew’s music has been a crucial part of my story. I met his father 3 years ago in Dallas and told him how much Matthew’s song “Strong Enough” had an impact on my life. In November 2013, I was facing my 3rd DWI and time in prison. I constantly had this song playing because I didn’t know what God had in his plans for me, but I didn’t think I could handle prison. I would cry, work out, and praise God while listening to this song. I shouldn’t even be alive with all the abuse I put my body through. But here I am, praising God through it.

My attorney told me I was looking at 6-9 months prison time, and I had my 2 year-old son at home. I finally submitted to the Lord. While driving home from the attorney’s office, I told God that if his plan was prison, then “Ok.” I completely submitted for the first time ever. Within 10 minutes of being home, my attorney called me and told me that he’s not sure how, but the district attorney called him and said, he’d give me drug court, which meant tons of counseling and self work, but no prison time!!! I know now, that was GOD stepping in!!!

This was the start of me changing EVERYTHING! I was able to become a sober mom, a sober wife, and a beacon of light for others who feel that darkness is all they can see. I started a blog and a website to help others and I now am over 6 years sober, with two sons and a wonderful marriage!!

So many of Matthew’s songs touch my heart as they talk about forgiveness, grace, and our amazing God, who saves us no matter what. Even when we feel like we are lost, He doesn’t feel that way.

Matthew, this is only a very, very small portion of my story, but I wanted to share how much of an impact you and your songs have made in my life. Thank you for expressing my heart and my words in all of your music. Now I can share your songs with my sons and they can feel the Lord through them as well. Thank you for sharing your heart and God’s spirit in all you do.

"This was the start of me changing EVERYTHING"

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