A Different Person

“I spent my life searching for love…”

A Different Person

Sara: I was the woman at the well…I spent my life searching for love. As a child I was molested, verbally and emotionally abused, and it left me with deep wounds. In my searching for love I’d created many soul ties. I attempted to take my life on 5 different occasions, the last two of which, I should have died. But God…

I started to go to a Christ-centered recovery group. There I joined a step study. This step study had me deal with all of my root issues, giving them to God each step of the way. The journey has been hard and painful, but my relationship with the Lord has grown deeper than I could possibly imagine. He truly is my rock. If you look at me 5 years ago, to today, I’m a completely different person because of His grace and mercy.

“He is truly my rock.”

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