God Still Heals

“...there’s a BIG hole in your retina…”

God Still Heals

One of the coolest stories of my life started out at possibly the most boring place on earth…at an eye appointment to get my contact prescription refilled. Everything seemed to be going normally until the doctor spent much more time examining my eye than I had ever experienced before. Finally, he spoke up and said that he found a hole in my retina and I would need to go to the Cincinnati Eye Institute for surgery. I was stunned. When I called CEI to schedule an appointment, I was told the consultation would be $500 since I didn’t have insurance. That scared me even more than the hole!

The next Wednesday at church, my husband asked our pastor to pray over me, and as I stood surrounded by prayer warriors and faithful friends, I felt such a peace wash over me. On the way home I told my husband, “I’m healed.” He believed I was too, but he felt really strongly that I should get a second opinion.

The second doctor examined my eyes, but couldn’t find anything wrong. She excused herself to call the other doctor, then came back with the exact location of the hole. After examining me again, she asked me to sit in the waiting room to give her eyes a rest. She called me back in again, and after another examination, she got really agitated. “D*** it! I’m a really good doctor, but there’s a BIG hole in your retina, and I can’t find it!” I always like to include in my story the fact that she got so upset she cussed, because it was so unexpected, I burst out laughing. “I have something to tell you,” I started apologetically. I went on to explain that God healed my eye, but I wanted her to examine my eyes without any influencing information. I said all this while she was right in my face, still examining my eye, but when I finished my story she slid back and looked me in the eye and said, “awww! I’m religious too! But I have to be satisfied that there’s no hole. I’m going to keep looking.”

From start to finish, that appointment lasted over 4 hours, but the doctor never found the hole in my retina. Praise the Lord!

“I’m healed.”

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