God Was Working Behind the Scenes

“God was working before this accident…”

God Was Working Behind the Scenes

Arletta: I have walked with God most of my life. In 2010 I lost my only daughter, the oldest of my 3 children. She died instantly in a car accident. She left behind her two little girls, ages 3 and 4. God was working before this accident; I had paperwork for joint custody. She moved all her belongings from a two story apartment to a storage shed. I was out of work for 6 months for health surgeries. I call this my Divine interruption. Six days before she died, she asked, “Mom, if something ever happens to me, will you take my girls?” Three times she asked and I said, “absolutely.” I was divorced after 24 years and working too much; her husband left a month before. The day she died, my life was changed FOREVER. Fast forward ten years. I’ve told our story over and over. We are blessed and God is faithful. I worked too much when my children were little, now for my grandchildren I am here morning and night. The positives after a tragedy. God is faithful.

“We are blessed and God is faithful.”

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