God’s Plan For My Life

“What I thought was fun then ended up being a big nightmare…”

God’s Plan For My Life

Jeffery: I didn’t grow up in church. I grew up in a bar. My mom and stepdad owned a bar/night club. When I was 12, they let me hang out there on weekends and summer nights. I didn’t want to hang with my friends from school, I wanted to hang with the adults. It was definitely not an environment for a young teenager to grow up in. What I thought was fun then ended up being a big nightmare, but God had a plan for my life. I look back on that time and I can see where God was protecting me. God was showing me mercy and I didn’t even know who He was.

We didn’t go to church- we maybe went to church once a year. In Nov. 1994, I became a Deputy Sheriff. In 2005, I gave my life to Christ after a long life of soul suffering. On May 14, 2007, I was in a near-fatal car accident while working for the Sheriff’s office. We received a call for help on a traffic stop. While responding to him with my lights and sirens going, I was t-boned by a cargo van while going through an intersection. It took them 45 minutes to cut me out of the car. I suffered fractured ribs, a fractured cheek bone, a broken left knee that has required six surgeries and just been replaced, three fractured vertebrae in my neck, and brain trauma which has caused double vision. I was in the hospital for two months. The first week I was in a coma and on breathing and feeding tubes. The doctors didn’t think I was going to make it, but God showed His miraculous power.

Then, by His wonderful grace I started volunteering at Chesapeake Jail Ministries in April of 2014. I got ordained March 12, 2017, as a Chaplain and Aug. 18, 2017, I became a Police Chaplain. On Feb. 1, 2018, I became the Assistant Chaplain for our Jail Ministry which is a 501 c3 nonprofit organization in the Correctional Center. On January 1, 2020,  I became the Chaplain for the Jail Ministry. God’s plan for my life prevailed. God took what the enemy meant for bad and turned it for the good.

“...God showed His miraculous power.”

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