Hard Season

“I cried and prayed a lot…”

Hard Season

Colleen:  My name is Colleen and I have been struggling with family issues for some time now. My Mother has dementia and I tried to take care of her at home, but it did not work.

I too, have many health issues and she got to the point where her safety would be compromised. She began to open doors at night and we were worried that she would leave our house and get lost.

I cried and prayed a lot for a sign from God as to what to do.  After much prayer, God directed me to have Mom go into a nursing home. It was hard, as this was during Covid and we could not visit.

I too, had many surgeries in the past years and have prayed to God for direction, strength and for the doctors and staff who perform my surgeries. I have another surgery scheduled in a week. God has been there and my faith has become stronger. I read my Bible daily and read many devotionals.

God has been with me the whole time and continues to be the “God who stays” during this “Hard Season”.

“God has been with me the whole time…”

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