He Is All I Need

“I did not see the Lord through that time…”

He Is All I Need

Susan: My story is a story of healing and restoration. I accepted Christ at the age of 19 and floated along until I was three days from a divorce. The Lord restored our marriage and we have been married for 35 years. He called my husband to preach and we went to seminary and have been in the ministry since 1998. We have been hurt multiple times by different church members but we have gotten back up.

My mother passed away in 2018 and that tilted my world in a way that I never could have imagined. If only I would have known that my world would totally fall off the axis when my 6 month old granddaughter was shot and killed by her own mother who then shot and killed herself. My son was on the phone with his wife when it happened. I did not see the Lord through that time but I know He was there holding my family up. I see Him in every single moment of my story and I know that no matter what He is there.

It has taken months and months of counseling and anger and tears and crying out to the Lord to get to this point but I have no doubt that He is all I need. He is my story and everything I go through is for His Glory!! Thank you Jesus!

“He is my story…”

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