Healing After Divorce

“I would lay in bed alone crying and begging God to heal my marriage.”

Healing After Divorce

Rita: My husband of 30 years was going through an emotional struggle and he turned to pornography for a release. I would lay in bed alone crying and begging God to heal my marriage. One day, my husband asked for a separation. I was shocked. I had spent my life taking care of my family instead of finding a career.

We decided to share a lawyer, but, one day I heard God’s voice say, “This is your life. You need to take care of it.” I found a good lawyer, and she said that after 30 years, we should have equal incomes. We never did, but he was generous with me so that I had enough money to buy a small condo and to my surprise, several of my old friends now live right next to me!  One day while listening to the radio, I heard that God would answer your prayers if you only ask. I broke down in the middle of my kitchen and cried out to God and said, “I begged you to heal my marriage and you didn’t!” I heard Him say to me, “But Rita, look where I have brought you.” I got into several healing groups and rebuilt my life. It is much fuller than it ever was. I have so many friends. My family is still broken, as divorce tends to do, but I know that whatever happens in my life, God has my back and I will always praise Him.

“Look where I have brought you.”

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