Hello, My Name Is

“Hello, my name is Jordan and I am a drug addict.”

Hello, My Name Is

That was the first sentence of this young man’s story. As a two sport all-star athlete in high school, Jordan received a college scholarship to run track and play football at a university in Kentucky. During his sophomore season, Jordan broke his ankle.  That is when he received his first prescription to Oxycontin.  His addiction quickly took hold of his life and sent him spinning out of control.  After two failed drug tests, the university kicked him out and removed his sports scholarships.  Jordan had lost everything for which he had worked so hard.

Lost and out of control, Jordan needed help. His parents showed their deep love for their son by courageously entrusting his healing and recovery to Teen Challenge in North Carolina.  Teen Challenge is a Christian rehabilitation center with a mission of restoring lives with the hope of Jesus Christ.  Jordan said it was during his time in Teen Challenge that he began to realize that God wasn’t done with him yet, and that all of those defeating titles like “addict,” didn’t have to be attached to his name the rest of his life.

Since his recovery, Jordan went back and got his master’s degree from the very college that kicked him out.  Now, he is a teacher, a coach, and a newlywed.  And, he has recently felt God calling him into full-time ministry.  Jordan says about his identity,

“These days I introduce myself a little differently than I used to. Hello, my name is Jordan and I am a CHILD OF THE ONE TRUE KING!”

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