How To Forgive Someone – Tina’s Story

“As we have walked through this season in our life, it was very easy to allow a hardened heart and a vengeful mind…”

How To Forgive Someone – Tina’s Story

Tina: Our lives were shattered in June of 2018. Our faith was tested. As we have walked through this season in our life, it was very easy to allow a hardened heart, a vengeful mind…not to mention the fact that we tried to fix everything ourselves. Our one constant has been our faith. Our faith is forever strengthened.

On Oct 26th, we were getting ready to attend the sentencing for Jeremy, the person driving the car that our daughter, Taylor, was in the night she was killed. Prior to us leaving for court and before taking Chase, our grandson, (Taylor’s 6-year-old son) to school that morning, we told Chase that he may have to stay at after-care a little longer than usual because we didn’t know how late we would be.

We have been honest with Chase from the beginning of this nightmare, of course, in words that he can understand. We shared that the driver of the car that mommy was in had broken the law, because drinking and driving is against the law, and today the court would deliver his punishment. Chase looked up at me and said “Mem-mer (what he calls me), you are going to forgive Jeremy aren’t you? I said “of course, in time my heart will soften.” He replied, “Good, because I forgave him yesterday.” That was a gut punch that dropped my husband and I to our knees. That gut punch reminded us that we need to allow our faith to be our eyes and to see things through the eyes of a child.

Chase loves the song “Forgiveness” by Matthew West. He reminded us of that exact song that dreadful morning and he also told us we have to choose “Joy,” which is another one of his favorite songs by For King and Country. Chase is a true servant-leader for Christ. K-Love playing the right song at the right time has made a huge difference in the healing process for Chase and how Chase has handled his mommy’s death, while also providing him the ability to understand what forgiveness means through a song. He has learned what joy stands for and also that there is a place for his mommy in our Father’s house in heaven, not to mention how his faith shines when he sings along with K-Love every day. Chase will tell you his mommy is in Heaven, just like Hillsong sings- because his mommy “is a child of God.”

Taylor lived by these words.

“I have given Christ countless reasons not to love me; but none of them have changed His mind.” I feel these are powerful words that are a true reminder of the love Christ holds for each of us.

So, our first Christmas without our daughter, our biggest gift of all was wrapped up by a little boy who delivered the gift of forgiveness by reminding us that forgiveness is love. I don’t know how to wrap forgiveness up to give as a gift, but it was given and shared with us through the heart and eyes of a child. popwe, Christian music, and K-Love have all impacted a little boy’s life who tragically lost his mommy and had helped him through his journey while he continues to learn truth, love, and forgiveness. Amen.

“Forgiveness is love.”

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