I Never Thought…

“A year ago our lives were upended!”

I Never Thought…

Nonda:  My name is Nonda and here is my story. My husband and I are retired and in our 70’s. When Covid-19 hit our lives and so many others, the isolation separated us from our friends and even our church. Then a year ago our lives were totally upended! Our granddaughter and her son moved in with us. She finally left her abusive husband, but much damage had occurred because of that abuse.

Our granddaughter had a psychotic breakdown and was diagnosed with schizophrenia. She was unable to care for our 6 year old great grandson or even herself. Even though she was on medication and having counseling she was still unable to be a caregiver or the mother she was before. Our great grandson was traumatized and had been so neglected by both parents that he could only speak two words together. He was undernourished and had bug bites all over his body. Our son immediately took him to the pediatrician and it was recommended he go to speech therapy.

Between our son and us we were able to give him the nourishment and the love and attention he needed. The pediatrician said he was not ready for kindergarten because he was so developmentally behind. After four months of three times a week speech therapy he entered kindergarten. He is now in 1st grade and talks up a storm! He has been evaluated and is on the autism spectrum, but high functioning. This huge turnover in our lives has been such a challenge and a blessing. God entrusted us with this huge undertaking and stays close to us daily. There have been many tears and heartache but we have come closer to God than ever before. We also have been given the opportunity to teach our great grandson about Jesus. I never thought I would be 75 and helping to raise a six year old! We are so grateful that we have a God who loves us and uses us for His glory.

“I never thought I would be 75 and helping to raise a six year old!”

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