I’m Still Here

“I decided to do things my way.”

I’m Still Here

Sharyn: From 1978-2000, my simple perfect dream was to be a wife and mother. 3 marriages and 5 miscarriages later….

In 1995 I was given the gospel. I was saved, excited and following the Lord! Unfortunately, after a few years, I decided to do things my way. In May of 2000, I started dating a nice non-Christian guy, and then in January I moved in with that guy. The next May, I was 37 and I had a bleed on the base of my brainstem. The neurologist told my family because of where the bleed was, my life expectancy was 3 days.

That was 22 years ago. By God’s love and grace, I’m still here. Understand that I’m messed up from head to toes. Double vision, nystagmus in my eyes, and never regaining balance. However….He is ALWAYS there for me. I’m happy! The nice guy- I married him. Last year we celebrated our 20 year anniversary. He also became a Christian and I’m closer to the Lord than I ever imagined! That perfect dream…it wasn’t perfect I now realize, because Jesus wasn’t part of it.

“He is ALWAYS there for me.”

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