Keep Fighting

“Adaya has overcome adversity through many obstacles in her young life.”

Keep Fighting

Amanda: How does a girl who was a product of prostitution, kept in a dark room until abandoned at the age of 2 years old, who has suffered a traumatic brain injury and has been diagnosed with a genetic condition still carry a smile that will light up the room? Only by the grace of God with the purpose of her life to shine light to all whose path she crosses! Adaya has overcome adversity through many obstacles in her young life.

I am blessed to be a mother of 3 amazing children. Jase is my biological son, Kamden is my foster-adopted son, and Adaya is my internationally adopted daughter.

During the process of adopting Adaya, her father and I had to take two separate trips to Ethiopia. The first trip was to legally adopt her and the second trip was to bring her home after her visa was approved. Each trip to Ethiopia came with a travel warning that surrounded exactly where we were going. We prayed about whether we should go with the risk that surrounded our travel, relied on our faith, and found sweet peace to move forward. I can reflect today on that warning– God protected us then and rescued her, He will do it again!

Three years after adopting Adaya, she had an event that changed her life and ours forever! She went from a vibrant, typical 6-year-old to infant state. She was sick with a virus that triggered an awake malignant hyperthermia event that caused her to go into a cardiac arrest. I ended up performing CPR on her along with the EMT on the way to the ER. She was transported to a special pediatric ICU hospital where she was on a ventilator, in a coma, and fighting for her life. At one point we were told she might not make it and we were moved to a private room in preparation.

After 3 months of hospitalizations, we were finally able to bring her home. Many changes came for my sweet, special family. The new normal, new therapies, new ways of doing life, and our home looked different with a schedule that was and is still almost unbearable.

We later learned that Adaya has an underlying genetic condition – RYR1 mutation – that caused her event. The result of the injury left her with a traumatic brain injury which is the main cause of her current state today. Adaya is learning everything all over again. Her final condition is unable to be determined – only time will tell. But what I can tell you is that she is amazing, works hard, and is one tough girl. Her determination and spirit are something this momma admires. She continues to progress and there is so much more to come. We have been told so many times that it is almost unheard of that she is continuing to make progress nearly 4 ½  years after her injury. We were told she would max out at 2 years for recovery. Yet here she is still making progress and nowhere near the end of her recovery.

Adaya is wheelchair dependent and needs assistance with all activities of daily living. However, her heart’s desire is to be as independent as possible. And I am confident one day she will be.

Adaya has such a story to share. God created such an infectious smile and big personality knowing what was ahead when we did not. She brings a smile to everyone that sees her and is such a blessing. This is what love does to a life, completely changes it and gives it an opportunity to shine. I cannot go anywhere without being stopped just to have a stranger say hello. Adaya is so infectious to all who meet her. Our community where we live, where we moved from and so many other communities know & follow the story of Adaya. She is an inspiration to many!

Our lives changed significantly….it is not easy to navigate the day, the home, life…but I wouldn’t have it any other way to experience all the great things we have during this journey.

Thank you for taking the time to read her story. I advocate for every opportunity for Adaya – she TOTALLY deserves it! May the journey through the pictures and story show how far she has come! God is so good and Faithful. He isn’t finished working His miracle on her.

My HOPE is to share her story so others can see Christ in her life and that it may be a testimony to you to keep fighting, never give up and let no one tell you how far you can go! Christ is all we need to keep going – one day at a time!

A Dangle of HOPE was created with the love Adaya has for spreading hope and wearing her earrings.  She loves fashion and all who meet her always notice her earrings.  She wants others to remember In the midst of trials, may Adayas story be a reminder to you, there is always A Dangle of HOPE.”

“My HOPE is to share her story so others can see Christ in her life and that it may be a testimony to you to keep fighting, never give up and let no one tell you how far you can go!”

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