Life is Precious

“How can you expect to see a rainbow if you won't allow rain?”

Life is Precious

Rhonda: The storms might seem hard, but with our Savior Jesus Christ we can get through another. I am a cancer survivor. I was in an abusive marriage for 26 years. I tried to leave many times and I lived in fear until I did. I was almost murdered at the hands of my ex-husband in 2016. I had to forgive him and pray for him as Christ tells us to do in order to heal. I also dealt with severe PTSD and anxiety for a couple years. I couldn’t sleep – I had to give it to God. I had to give everything 100% (not 50% or 20%) all to God. On 12/9/2018 while walking in the crosswalk, I was a victim of a hit and run accident. I was rushed by ambulance to the hospital. All I could do was pray for the driver, that he would come to know Jesus.

Most people hold onto anger and hurt, but when you do it is the same as drinking poison. It will only hurt you, not the people that you are angry at. I always say, “How can you expect to see a rainbow if you won’t allow rain?” We have to look for blessings in the middle of our trials. I refuse to see myself as a victim. I’m a survivor and I often speak at our Celebrate Recovery. Today I am engaged to be married to a man who loves God. Our relationship is completely Christ centered. I just want people to be reminded that life is precious. Don’t take life for granted, and don’t give up on your faith in the Lord. You can always find reasons to be happy. I just wanted to encourage people to remember that God will never leave you.

“Don’t take life for granted, and don’t give up on your faith in the Lord.”

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