“One day, something in me said ‘Enough is enough. Take your child and leave.’”


Chrystal: The broken chapters in my life started fairly early in life. Around age 2, I was sexually assaulted by my dad’s so-called best friend. Several years later, it happened again at age 9 by my mom’s new husband. Again at 14, and again at 21 when I had my first child. My child’s father abused me for several years and I thought the whole time this was going on that’s what I deserved, that’s just the way my life had been- that it was never going to change.

One day, something in me said “Enough is enough. Take your child and leave.” He was so controlling, I had to find a way to escape.

Well, I did. Though battling fear, not being able to trust, anger, and just overall pain, I moved on with my life- slowly picking up the pieces which felt so many miles away. Then came a man which I now know was sent to me by God Himself to show me I deserve love and I deserve happiness.

He came into my life and showed me that through God I could be mended. He got me into listening to Christian music on the radio. I was in the car, the radio was on and the song ‘Mended’ came on while driving home alone with my kids in the car. I listened very intently and noticed that this song was meant for me. I pulled over to the side of the road, crying harder than I’ve ever cried, begging for forgiveness for my sins and thanking Him for seeing me in a way I couldn’t see myself. Little did I know, He would show me I’m not wounded, I am mended.

Fast forward a year or so, I went to my tattoo artist and got “When you see wounded, I see mended” tattooed on my forearms as a daily reminder, even on my worst days, He sees me better than I thought I could ever see myself.

My name is Chrystal and I am Mended.

“I'm not wounded, I am mended.”

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