Mercy Triumphs Over Judgment

“We believe this is your fault.”

Mercy Triumphs Over Judgment

Danielle: It’s funny how the most memorable day in your life usually begins as an ordinary day. I was driving to work one early spring morning and unbeknownst to me, a truck had broken down in the middle of the freeway, under an overpass, and around a blind curve. Traffic was doing its best to swerve around or come to a stop. Seconds before impact, the semi truck in front of me quickly changed lanes. It left me no recourse and I crashed head on into a parked car causing a fatality.

At the hospital, two police officers came into my room. Just like our accuser does, he pointed his finger at me and said these chilling words: “We believe this is your fault”. I would later on be charged with vehicular manslaughter. Even though there was no negligence or reckless driving on my part, I was charged with a failure to yield. Hopelessness started to grip my soul. My once bright future full of endless possibilities suddenly was in jeopardy…..But God.

On the date of my verdict, I felt an odd sense of peace (even though inwardly I was shaking from head to toe). I stood all alone, but fervently trusted God with whatever outcome HE willed for my life. The family of April (the beautiful girl whose life had so abruptly come to an end) stood up, and with tears in their eyes told the judge “this was a true, unavoidable accident.” They did not see this as my fault, nor did they want to see me go to jail. The courtroom fell eerily silent- the bailiff’s jaw dropped, the typist stopped typing. The family barely let me apologize before gently embracing me and holding me with arms of forgiveness! April’s family held ME! Our souls and tears mingled as soothing words fell from their lips into my heart. I think everyone in that courtroom had tears in their eyes. The verdict remained, but I went home with my family, full of wonder and amazement on that life-changing day.

“April” showers truly do bring forth flowers and MERCY triumphs over judgment. The accuser goes into the courtroom of Heaven and tells God all we’ve done. God turns to Jesus, and looks back at the accuser and states “charges have been dropped! Case dismissed!” We all will have to enter the courtroom of Heaven one day.

Do you have Jesus as your advocate? Make HIM yours. ❤️

“The family barely let me apologize before gently embracing me and holding me with arms of forgiveness!”

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