My Gift of an Angel

"I have a daughter I consider my gift from God..."

My Gift of an Angel

Melanie: I have a daughter I consider my gift from God…others would call her a “product of rape.” Her name is Brianna. I call her Breezy. She has been the perfect child, never caused any trouble or needed any discipline. She was a straight A student and graduated early, at 16 yrs old.

At 17, she was diagnosed with Syringomyelia which is fluid on her spine. Now at 23, she found out that the fluid has grown into a fibrous tumor on her vertebrates. She is facing either surgery to just remove what they can to have it grow back, removal of her vertebrae and fusing, or radiation to maybe shrink it. She is losing the use of her hands, is in constant pain, and needs a wheelchair as she is too weak to stand or walk very long.

She still works and has even won employee of her district over the main store in NY….all while having 4 minor surgeries in that same month. She’s never missed a day’s work. She often purchases sale items such as shoes and jackets that she hands out at our local Salvation Army on FREE meal days and holidays. Brianna just spent Easter Sunday handing out 30 pairs of brand new tennis shoes.

When she was first diagnosed and told that she may not live past 30 years of age, her first words were, “guess I will just live until I can’t anymore.” She brightens lives every day. My home is full of young ladies that were pushed out of their homes without any adult skills and mental or physical disabilities. Even though we don’t have much, we all live together in a two bedroom house. I teach them to drive, hold down a job, file taxes, and budget their pay checks.

My baby girl has been the light of my life and is always giving to others. When I discovered I was pregnant after the rape, I chose to arrange to give her up for adoption as I could never accept aborting her. When I had an emergency c-section and was handed this pink bundle, God said “She is yours, enjoy this gift”…God had other plans obviously and I kept her. I was afraid I would not be able to get past how she was created but, again, God had other plans.

I may lose her sooner than I could ever be ready for, but she has been the greatest blessing I have ever had on this planet. I had to tell you this story of a beautiful being that was “unplanned” yet God created with a very great plan. 

"I had to tell you this story of a beautiful being that was "unplanned" yet God created with a very great plan." 

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