Never Strong Enough Alone

"I have been an alcoholic my entire life."

Never Strong Enough Alone

Jason: I have been an alcoholic my entire life. Starting at fifteen, I would drink as much as I could as fast as I could until I passed out. Many relationships were ruined. I hurt the people that I loved most. I lost my mom when I was 23 and that fueled me to drink away my feelings. In my thirties, I was divorced and living in a tiny apartment above a bar. I was drinking to blackout almost every night. I had no self worth, and wanted to die.

Then, I met another woman. She was also an alcoholic. She had a five year old daughter, and before long, they were living with me in that little apartment. We continued down a very dark path, and that poor child saw things that no child should have to witness. We got married and nothing changed. So many times I tried to stop drinking. I really wanted to. I just couldn’t. A few days after my fortieth birthday, and after a very rough night, I decided to try to quit again. Shortly after that, I was scanning the radio and came across Matthew West’s song, “Strong Enough.” I started weeping like never before. Something changed in me. I never was strong enough alone, but when I let the Lord take control, I could do anything.

It’s been almost three years now and my wife and I have not had one drink. We live in a nice home now. With the help of therapy, our daughter is well adjusted. We’ve been able to explain addiction to her in a very real and honest way. My wife has survied breast cancer and a double mastectomy. We’ve had many trials and tribulations, but have never seriously thought of relapsing. We do use a 12 step program that promotes a higher power. That higher power is God for us. I tried my whole life to stop drinking. The Lord has done for me what I could not do for myself. That’s a miracle.

"I never was strong enough alone, but when I let the Lord take control I could do anything."

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