Perfect Peace

“I am a miracle.”

Perfect Peace

Denise:  My story begins in 2009. At 51, I was told I had lung cancer. I had my left lower lung removed and was told it was a miracle they found it at stage one. Five years later, I was told it was back. Another part of my lung was removed and I was cancer free. Again in 2020, my cancer returned and I had another surgery. April 2021, I was told it was back and they couldn’t take any more of my lung. On April 16, I got my second Covid shot and 15 days later I was in the hospital in critical condition. The Dr. again said it was a miracle I was alive. I had 312 ml of fluid around my heart. They drained it and I caught pneumonia while I was in the hospital. Two weeks after that cleared up, I was back in the emergency room. They said the fluid was back around my heart and I was going in for a two hour surgery to put a pericardial window in. I woke up seven hours later. They had to do open-heart surgery on me. The doctor was not a godly man, but he told me by the grace of God I was alive. There was a fibrous tissue around my heart he had never seen before. In September 2022, they were finally able to start my chemo and radiation. I had so many people praying for me. I never got sick and I never lost weight-  the only thing I lost was my hair and I know that was because of God and all the prayers.

I went to the Matthew West concert in Panama City, Florida, it was wonderful. I was having a CAT scan the next week, but his songs gave me such peace that no matter what happened I knew it was going to be OK. I’ve been to many rock ‘n’ roll concerts in my younger days and this was the best by far. I felt like God touched me. On Monday, my CAT scan showed the cancer has moved to my liver. I know people don’t understand, but I’m at peace with whatever happens. I know God is the Great Healer and if it’s His will, I will be healed. If not, I will be in heaven with the rest of my family that’s passed before me. I am a miracle. All these years I’ve been through so much, but I’ve always known God was with me. I will find out in the next few weeks if the cancer that has moved to my liver is the lung cancer and what, if any treatment I can have. The day I found out that my cancer had moved to my liver, I flipped it over to a Christian channel and a man was talking about your imagination getting away from you when you find out you’re sick. He had the perfect scripture that we all should go by: Isaiah 26:3 “He will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast because they trust in you.” I am at peace.

God has fought many battles with me and He will continue to fight for me. Thank you for listening to my story. God is good all the time.

“I’m at peace with whatever happens.”

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