Running From God

“I kept all of this hidden till I couldn’t hide it anymore.”

Running From God

Kimberly:  In 2013 I saw no way out and thought I had been abandoned by God. My marriage was broken, my life was broken. My husband of 4 years was drinking to excess, going to bars every night after work, and even bringing women home to our house at night! I kept all of this hidden till I couldn’t hide it anymore. My boss knew something was wrong. My work was suffering and she noticed I would cry in between patient visits. I was a home health nurse and spent my days on the road. I listened to songs like “Stronger” and other songs by Casting Crowns and would pull over on the side of the road and just sob, asking God why this could happen.

In March of 2013, my family came and helped me move out after I admitted to them there was an issue. In May of 2013 my divorce was final. People at my church were more concerned about reaching out to my husband, who was cheating with a woman in the choir at our church. I felt abandoned by my own church family. I was running.

In late May, I had gastric sleeve surgery and thought I was doing great. Well, I was on the outside. On the inside, my skin was crawling. I wasn’t going to church and I was Facebook stalking my ex husband who didn’t seem to care that our marriage of four years ended the way it did. He had a new girlfriend before the ink was even dry on the divorce papers. In June, I decided I was going to be a travel nurse in California. Mississippi southern drawl girl going to brave California!

I had this huge adventure trip planned on the way before my job started. The day I turned in my notice at 8 am, I had no idea my life would change that day. At 4 pm that afternoon I was involved in a serious car accident. I had not even made it to the first oil change in my new vehicle. Someone pulled straight out in front of me. My new Nissan Rogue was totaled. I was duct taped to a backboard in the back of an ambulance. I’d worked in the ER before, but had never ridden in an ambulance. I was scared- my right arm was on fire. My wrist was broken from the air bags. I’m right handed- I need my hand! How am I going to draw blood or start IVs?!! I had just turned in my notice. I’m supposed to be leaving for California.

My boss rescinded my notice. I spent a year having 3 surgeries on my arm. To this day, I do not have sensation in my pinkie and 4th finger. I say God slapped me that day and reminded me, “yes, I’m in control of your life. Yes, I’m here.” I ended up going through divorce care which was a major help. I finally went back to church. I started to see God again through my forest of trees. Today this injury reminds me of where I’ve been. I’m blessed with the use of my hand and blessed to have lived through that wreck because God had a greater plan for me to serve others through my nursing career and missions.

“I started to see God again…”

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