Story of Your Life

“Kristin could no longer function as a normal child.”

Story of Your Life

Kristin’s dad was a navy seal and her mom was a model. Kristin’s dad suffered from PTSD and as a result, Kristin and her mom suffered a lot of abuse from her father. They went to a domestic violence shelter for help, but after they got out, Kristin’s mom made a lot of poor choices. She was constantly in and out of relationships with men that were not good for either Kristin or her mom. After seeing her mom’s terrible choices and brokenness, Kristin could no longer function as a normal child.

By the age of 15, Kristin was cutting and doing drugs. She found out that her dad committed suicide and couldn’t see how God would do anything good in her life. She felt trapped and needed to be rescued. As a way out of this world, Kristin tried to take her life. She almost succeeded, but ended up in the ICU. Some time after that incident, Kristin went to a coffee shop with some Christian youth leaders. At the end of the night, the leaders realized that Kristin didn’t have a home to go to, so they invited her to stay with them. While there, they surrounded Kristin with God’s love, truth, and purpose. As Kristin got more plugged into the local church, she met people that poured the word of God into her and told her about living a life with Christ. Although Kristin had accepted Christ at 5 years old, she decided to rededicate her life to Christ. After she did that, her once negative perspective on the world was radically changed into a perspective of hope and truth.

Because of Kristin’s new passion and purpose to share God’s love, Kristin started sponsoring a girl from Lima, Peru through World Vision. Today, Kristin is a Child Ambassador and speaks at churches and conferences all over the U.S.. Kristin now sees how God used her beginnings to shape her future. Now she says, “Life can be amazing. It doesn’t have to be full of despair.” Kristin knows that hope and surrender can change everything. “Rejection, fear, and pain melts away when you are in the love of God.”

“Rejection, fear, and pain melts away when you are in the love of God.”

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Matthew likes to call the moment he decided to follow God his " Blue Couch" moment. When you craft your story, you can share your "Blue Couch" moment or other stories where you have seen God at work in your life.
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