The Best Day

“While Michael was growing up, he attended 15 different schools and was introduced to pot at the early age of 8 years old.”

The Best Day

At the age of 18, Michael’s mother was kidnapped and held captive for three months. She was forced to partake in drugs and sex, which is how Michael was conceived. While Michael was growing up, he attended 15 different schools and was introduced to pot at the early age of 8 years old. He never had a consistent home, and frequently bounced from his grandparent’s home to his mom’s home (and whatever man she was living with at the time) and was physically abused throughout his childhood. His grandparents were Christians, so he had some Christian influence in his life, but he couldn’t understand why God would put him through such pain.

By 20 years old, Michael thought his life was changing for the better. Michael got married, enlisted in the military, and had a beautiful son. A few years later, Michael and his wife welcomed a new daughter into their home. However, the worst was still to come. After 9 years of marriage, Michael’s relationship with his wife ended. A year later, Michael’s military career ended because of his knee injuries. And, if his life couldn’t get any worse, Michael suffered immensely when his daughter tragically died in a car accident. Needless to say, Michael was broken.

Michael was so angry with God. He couldn’t understand why God would take an innocent life. After this tragedy, Michael completely turned away from God, became heavily involved in drugs and alcohol, and was taking a nose dive to rock bottom. Then, God brought a special woman into Michael’s life. She shared the Gospel with Michael in a way that he finally understood it, and he realized just how much God loved him and his daughter and that God had been with him throughout all of his tragedies. Michael turned his life around and became a true follower of Christ. Now, he is a motivational speaker and travels the country sharing his story of God’s incredible love. Michael says of his past,

“My worst day actually became my best day.”

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