The Gift of Life

"My name is Nicole and I am an abortion survivor."

The song Untold is such an inspiration to me. I too have a story, but mine is a little different…

My name is Nicole and I am an abortion survivor. I was born just 6 months after abortion became legal because of Roe v. Wade. My mom chose life for me while sitting in an abortion clinic waiting on the nurses and doctor to come in and begin the procedure. As she sat their on the exam table, she made the decision not to go through with the abortion and was courageous enough to get up, get dressed, and walk out with me still in the womb, healthy, and ALIVE.

She gave me life that day, so that I can be a voice for the voiceless. Today, I am an advocate for the unborn and serve as a grief and crisis pregnancy counselor. Not only am I sharing my story with those contemplating an abortion or seeking healing from abortion, but I also get to share the gospel with them. Many come to Christ and choose life for their baby.

This ministry and others like it are very precious to me, as my mom just recently went to be with the Lord after a 2 year battle with cancer. Before she passed, she gave me her blessing to share her story.

"Today, I am an advocate for the unborn and serve as a grief and crisis pregnancy counselor."

Do Something

God wants to use our story for His glory! Nicole shared that without her mother making a good decision, she would not be here. What has she done with her story to help others? Read Revelation 12:11.

What has God done in your life? How are you using your story for His glory? Read Psalm 71:15-18

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