The Healing Has Begun

“She often thought about how her life would be different if she chose to give life instead of take it away”

One of the worst decisions Ginny ever made was at the age of eighteen, thirty-five years ago. Ginny became pregnant and was too afraid to go to her parents for help. So, she decided to fix her mistake by herself, and terminated her pregnancy. She still remembers climbing the stairs in the clinic with a group of other young women. The experience was much more painful than she expected because it was both a physical and emotional pain. After her abortion, Ginny deeply regretted that she did not seek out other options. She often thought about how her life would be different if she chose to give life instead of take it away. Taking the life of her child was unforgiveable in her eyes and, as a result, Ginny arduously sought to earn God’s forgiveness by trying to be a good person.

But today, Ginny has hope! When she finally listened to God’s word, she discovered that she could not earn forgiveness. She simply needed to accept that Jesus’ death on the cross covered ALL of her sins. Past. Present. And future. She learned that God really does love her, no matter what she’s done. She knows God has forgiven her and she will be reunited with her child one day in Heaven.

Ginny says of her newfound freedom, “It’s hard to describe the feeling of being free from secrets. I have no more fear or shame. The chains of bondage dropped. The voice of lies is silenced. The wall of darkness has fallen. I can see His beauty. Even my friends say they can see a difference in me. I have given my story of abortion over to Jesus, and have made a commitment to reach out to others who are held in this dark bondage of Satan’s lie that your secret is something God won’t forgive. “

“The voice of lies is silenced. The wall of darkness fallen. I can see His beauty.”

Do Something

Read John 4:1-42. Contemplate the results of the Woman at the Well being freed from her secrets through Christ (hint: verse 39!).

Now, bring your secrets before God and ask for forgiveness and healing. Then, ask God how your freedom can help others who are in the bondage of sin.

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