The Helping Hand

"Growing up, she felt that she had only two options: be abused or become the abuser."

The Helping Hand

Amanda grew up with a single mother who was naive to many things. Amanda was sexually, mentally, and emotionally abused throughout her childhood. Growing up, she felt that she had only two options: be abused or become the abuser. Amanda became a mother at the young age of 17, and married the first boy that came along in hopes of being saved from the abuse at home. Sadly, he was an abuser as well in many different ways. From that marriage, Amanda had three kids. When she saw her husband abusing her oldest son, she immediately left her house, grabbed her kids and a few pieces of clothing, and never looked back.

With only a GED and no work experience, Amanda was in a tough spot to be able to provide for her family by herself. However, during this time, Amanda saw God provide for her in ways she never thought possible. No matter what was going on in life, she kept a positive attitude and felt the Holy Spirit telling her to keep going and to keep moving forward. Amanda stayed single for a while and struggled to make ends meet. One day, Amanda was desperate to find $100 to keep everything in her house turned on. That day, some man she didn’t know saw her with her kids outside and talked to her about God. It was a great conversation, they parted ways, and Amanda went to the bus stop to wait for the bus. While she was waiting, the man drove up, shook her hand, and put something papery in her hand. Amanda’s bus pulled up and he drove away and she found $100 bill: just what she needed to keep the lights on. Things like this were always happening for Amanda and her family through God’s grace and provision.

Today, Amanda has five beautiful kids and a very amazing husband who has helped her heal and lead her closer to Christ. Amanda says, “I know no matter what may come my way, our Heavenly Father will always provide for his children. All we have to do is have faith! He has always provided for me when I was hopeless, homeless, broken and believed that I was all alone. But, in truth, my Father was always there, right beside me!”

"But, in truth, my Father was always there, right beside me!”

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