The Power of Prayer

“When I got back to my house, I saw my husband lying on our kitchen floor…”

The Power of Prayer

Brandy: My God moment was over 17 years ago. It started with a bad drug addiction my husband had to cocaine. He was so hooked that when he would finally come home, it was with no money left from his paycheck, and with people he owed money to knocking on our door. He had bad asthma, so when doing the drugs, many times he would have an asthma attack, until one day it was much worse.

We had no house phone or cell phone, so I would have to go across the road to my neighbor’s house to use a phone. This particular time he was having trouble breathing. He tried using the breathing machine, but he noticed it wasn’t working. He said “call 911.” We had 3 little kids asleep at the time, so I took our littlest one with me across the road, beating on our neighbor’s door. When I got back to my house, I saw my husband lying on our kitchen floor with the breathing machine still hooked to his face. His bowels had moved, he had vomited on the floor, and his lips were blue. “Scared” is an understatement, but I knew I had to push through the tears and pray for the Lord to help him. God stepped in and saved his life.

The drug problem wasn’t gone. Once again we would face this same situation. When the ambulance got to our house, they told my husband “if it wasn’t for your wife standing out on the porch flagging us down, you probably wouldn’t have made it.” I take no credit. I’ve always told him, and will continue to say it was God and God only. I wish I could say that was enough to get his attention, but it didn’t. He just got better at hiding it.

Part of our story is adultery, leaving, coming back, then making the decision not to leave again. I decided to trust God, and to fight for my marriage and deliverance for my husband. I started praying over him, sometimes when he was sleeping. I wasn’t going to give up on something I knew God could do. It didn’t come easy, but little by little he was set free from all drugs. In the process, God not only delivered him from drugs but he healed our marriage.

Fast forward – we are in church, serving the Lord. Over the years, God has used what brought so much hurt and pain to encourage and show others that if God can heal, restore, and deliver us, He can do it for them as well.

“God not only delivered my husband from drugs, but he healed our marriage.”

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