Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

“Should one be depressed because of all this?”

Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

Heather: This year marks 9 years since my wreck. I survived something I shouldn’t have and I owe it all to God! I’m not just surviving but I’m thriving! I knew what it meant to survive before, but when you’re on your deathbed wondering if you’re going to make it, and that still small voice says “your story’s not over yet.” I’m here to tell you I’ve learned to thrive and defy the odds against me.

God opened up CrossFit for me and it is now my testimony of what God can do! Doctors told me I wouldn’t run ever again unless I had a metal rod and six screws put in my back…that they didn’t have the technology to relocate my shoulder blade…that I couldn’t go to school because it would be too much strain on my brain…that I can’t drive at night. I’m here to tell you and share with you to not give up and put your faith in God! Should one be depressed because of all this? Probably, but that just gives me more fuel for my fire!!

At the first of the year, I rededicated my life at my home church, James River, and I’m going full on with the Lord (not just a little bit of time each day), and boy, has it been amazing! I can now drive at night with no seizures. School is out of the question, which is a rough one to swallow as that’s how I was going to get a better job to pay off the dreaded bills from my wreck. Guess what? My God is stronger and greater! He’s providing for me! He opened the door for my real estate career passing the exams without accommodations!

I’m thriving ya’ll! This is proof of what God can do with someone when you put your trust in Him and seek Him!

To the average person I look normal. (Hindsight: don’t judge a book by its cover.) I have 6 herniated discs in the middle of my back, scoliosis, and a dislocated shoulder blade.  I have torn and stretched every muscle ligament and tendon from the base of my skull to my lower ribs on the right side.  I have an eating disorder, TBI (traumatic brain injury), permanent post concussion, PTSD/anxiety, severe TMJ, thyroid disorder, hips and collar bone messed up, and more.

This is proof of what GOD can DO!! My hope is to get my testimony out there to help inspire people and give them hope to not give up!! GOD IS SO GOOD! He is Jehovah Jireh!

“I’m not just surviving but I’m thriving!”

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