You Are Welcome Here

“I was troubled, not understanding WHY.”

You Are Welcome Here

Stacey: Wow, what an adventure I’ve been on during this trip called life! Those people that say, ‘if it can happen…’, well, a lot of the time it did happen to me!! Getting hit by a car at the age of 6, falling out of a second story window (but broke nothing), head bunted by a golf club, nearly losing my left eye, and so on and so on.

Unfortunately for me, it wasn’t just in my younger years. I started college at the ripe age of 20, and was going for a degree in daycare management with the hopes of opening my own center one day. I think this is where my life took a nosedive into a pool of fire…at this time I had started two jobs, one in a child care facility, and one at McDonald’s. Having been in a marching band for about 11years, I was awarded three certificates, for overall improvement and the other two along the same line, because of those, I was able to travel through Europe with a group of about 75 people from Canada and the United States!! Extreme enjoyment indeed!

When I came back to reality as school was starting, I noticed I was having small problems with my vision. Within a period of about 8 months, I went from having clear vision, writing about as small as this typed letter, to becoming 96% legally blind. To this day, I still have no understanding of what caused it (Now my vision is almost perfect and I only need glasses for reading, or art work!).

I was troubled, not understanding “WHY”. I was raised Catholic, but was really not interested enough to keep my full attention, still truly and fully believed there is a Lord, Jesus is His son, and the story of His life. I really REALLY wanted and needed to be brought back and find true religion, for my heart, mind and spirit. So, after going to many churches and not feeling loved when I showed up, but feeling put down and unwanted, I was ready to give up. Then a very dear friend invited me to try her church, so there I was- not sure what to expect, scared, and so unsure!! There I was, looking for her, and she didn’t show up. Sweaty palms, dry throat, state of shock- but then I walked in and a greeter said “hi” to me, shook my hand, and said welcome. I felt my heart beat slow down… I could breathe and relax, as I walked through the doors to the auditorium, and was introduced to many many wonderful people, including the pastoral team. I was smiling, I felt safe, I felt loved and welcomed. Then we sang the song, “YOU ARE WELCOME HERE.” The love of GOD, HIS SON JESUS CHRIST, and a simple song told me I was home!!!! Music is and will always be my source of gratitude to GOD!!

“I felt loved and welcomed.”

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