A Sign of Promise

"Maybe this is God's promise that He will take care of me."

Joshua: I’ll never forget the day my sister, Elizabeth, was diagnosed with cancer. Early in my sister’s treatments, she would get very scared in the car on the way to the hospital if there was a storm. Off in the distance, my father saw a rainbow and pointed it out to her. She paused for a moment and said, “Maybe this is God’s promise that He will take care of me.”

Well, to this day, I believe that assumption could not have been more correct. Every time there was a change in her health or some bad news, a rainbow would follow. Wherever she went, so did the rainbows. They gave her peace during her fight, and ultimately peace with knowing she was dying.

She passed away on June 10, 2009. A few days later, we held her funeral. It went about as you would expect: lots of crying and storytelling, pain mixed with celebration of a life well spent even if it was short. Like all hard things, it came to an end. We walked out of the funeral to a sunny day. A few minutes passed and someone looked up and pointed with a huge smile on their face. Up above was a beautiful rainbow! God truly had kept His promise and taken her to be with Him. To this day we still see rainbows on special occasions and they remind us of just how great God’s grace is!

"To this day we still see rainbows on special occasions and they remind us of just how great God's grace is!"

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