A Special Gift

“I have been dreaming of celebrating my 50th birthday at a Matthew West concert for over 10 years…”

A Special Gift

Diane: Oh my goodness Mr. West- I cannot thank you enough for this super special treat & gift.

Norine Gifford, who is a friend I met as a host in my Mary & Martha ministry, took me to a concert in 2017. She introduced me to you, your precious wife, & Matthew. Here are some photos from the All In tour. I left a God Just Made One puzzle for his girls that night

I have been dreaming of celebrating my 50th birthday at a Matthew West concert for over 10 years back when I lived in Fargo, ND, where I first heard Matthew in concert. I imagined a call inviting others to ask Jesus into their hearts & be the Lord of their lives. He was touring then with Josh Wilson & Lincoln Brewster when his album, The Story of Your Life came out.

I found myself suddenly single in Oct 2021 when the love of my life & hubby of 27 years had a massive heart attack at 49 years old while hunting in ND. One of the songs at his celebration of life was What If and we passed out candles to remind friends & family to live life to the full (John 10:10.) Here’s a pic of us a few days after Matthew’s concert when we went to see Hamilton.

It’s been an emotional summer. I have an 18 & 8 year old. Zach just graduated, got his pilot license & I got back last night from moving him to college in ND, 11 hours away. My 8 year boy turns 9 on Saturday and starts 4th grade tomorrow. He’s surely a God story I prayed many years for. Praising God for His love, goodness & faithfulness

Thank you, thank you for making this girl’s dream come true. And thank YOU, Matthew & your entire team for sharing your gifts so beautifully with us and pointing us to our Beautiful Savior.

“I look forward to Saturday with all my heart”

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