Angels in the ER

“A woman named Barbara kneeled with him in prayer…”

Angels in the ER

Denise: My God Story! On my daughter’s first birthday she walked to a mop bucket and fell in. She was rushed to Children’s hospital and in the ER her heart stopped, and my husband hit the floor on his knees praying. A woman named Barbara kneeled with him in prayer and her heart started beating. I had just walked in as this happened. My husband arrived first because he was working close to the hospital. Barbara was with us as a chaplain every step of the way for 2 weeks. She prayed with us and was with us when we would get news from doctors. When the time came that we had to remove life support from our daughter, she helped us find peace even in the middle of this ordeal. So, we asked her to officiate our daughter’s funeral. She did an amazing job! A few months later we wanted to go see her and thank her for all she had done to help us through the darkest days of our lives. We went to the hospital, but we could not find her.  I talked to people and no one knew who I was talking about. I called the Chaplain services and was told they have no idea who it was and that they have never had a female chaplain. God gave us two weeks to come to peace with it before he took our daughter home and sent us an angel to guide us to Him because we weren’t spiritual and needed help! I haven’t shared this story with many people, and just this morning, I told my best friend and sister in Christ. She was astonished that I don’t share it. Then I remembered this post from last week asking for God Stories and felt led to share it! Fortunately, I have many God stories but this one I always held tucked away in my heart. I didn’t want it tarnished by negative comments but talking to her today let me know that no one can ever tarnish God’s gift to me!

“ one can ever tarnish God's gift to me!”

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