Answered Prayer

“Dear Lord, S.O.S…”

Answered Prayer

Annette: When I was 13, my mother and I moved to a new house at a remote location on Candlers Mountain in Rustburg, Virginia, and I no longer had a ride to church. (I made a profession of faith at age 9.) I went into the woods behind my house and prayed, “Dear Lord, S.O.S. I have no ride to church. Can you help?” Shortly thereafter, I noticed this land being cleared. For 9 months, I watched out my bedroom window as the Lord built a church… for me. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I joined Clearview Baptist Church the first day the doors opened, attended nearly every service, and served there until I went away to college, got married and moved away. That church raised me in the Lord. Imagine how a teenager seeing God build a church for them leads to an incredible lifelong faith! I’m so thankful.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes.”

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