Are Miracles Real?

“...she would have to have surgery…”

Are Miracles Real?

Melissa:  When our daughter, Olivia, was two months old she was diagnosed with Torticollis.  She could not turn her head to the left.  We had to start physical therapy (PT) right away. It was awful doing all the stretches, but we knew we had to do them for head to develop correctly.
Two months into PT, our therapist said she was doing great but thought we had run into a different problem.  She sent us to specialist to make sure.
The specialist confirmed this and then referred us to our regular doctor.  She explained that there was a 99.9% chance that Olivia would need to have surgery in the next month for Craniosynostosis (Olivia’s soft spots had fused together too fast and she would have to have surgery to open it back up).

We scheduled an appointment with the neurosurgeon. In that week we prayed every minute. Olivia had a flat spot, a ledge on her head, and her eyes were not level. The day we went to the neurosurgeon, we could see improvement.
The doctor had us do X-rays & a CT scan and results showed she did need the surgery. When we told the doctor of the improvement, he said, “that shouldn’t happen.”
He wanted to wait a month to see what would happen. In that month we continued to pray for God’s healing.

We went back to the doctor and did a repeat CT scan. He came flying into the waiting room and said, “I don’t know how this has happened, but she is healed!”
We said, “we know how. It was God! God gave us a miracle.”
Olivia would have had to have a surgery where she would have been cut from ear to ear, and wear a helmet for six months to a year. But God answered our prayers and healed her!
Sometimes we think God only did miracles in the Bible, but I am here to tell you that He still does them!

I have included a couple pictures of her when she was a baby up until recent time. Olivia is 10 years old now and is absolutely beautiful. –She is also a HUGE Matthew West fan.  She is so proud to tell her story so others can see what God did in her life!

Thank you for letting me share our story!

“I don't know how this has happened, but she is healed!!”

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