Be Still

“...wait and see what happens next.”

Be Still

Hal:  My wife was on a ventilator due to covid. The very first day after praying for her, God spoke clearly and told me, “Be patient, she will be ok.”  Several other times in the days to come, He told me to “Be still. Be patient and don’t worry about the ups and downs. He told me that my wife would recover, fully and completely!

On December 20th, 13 days after being intubated, God spoke something different, and it was puzzling. He said, “Be patient, just wait and see what happens next!”  I told some people that are close to me what God had said to me, but they did not understand.

The next few days were extreme ups and downs, but the Holy Spirit walked me through each moment, calming and reassuring me. I was completely trusting Him. On December 27th, she was extubated which was a huge surprise to me based on how she had been doing. I was thrilled, as well as caught off guard! On December 28th, she was moved to a regular room, not to the step-down unit as I was originally told. I was able to see her for the first time since taking her to the ER on December 5th. But here’s where it becomes amazing- no oxygen required! I’m not kidding!
Even more of God moving- on December 31st, I was able to bring her home with no oxygen! After 20 days of being on a ventilator because she couldn’t breathe, she was unhooked, and her lungs were absolutely healed!

The entire hospital staff called it miraculous! This was not something they had seen- a patient able to go home after being taken off oxygen just 4 days before. But I always had on my mind and in my heart what God told me December 20th. God said, “Wait and see what happens next!”  What an incredible experience! God was there with her every moment.  He was with me removing my angst. What a mighty God we serve!! She is now back to work full time, we both have lingering issues related to covid, but God has been faithful and true to His word. I’m so thankful!

“The entire hospital staff called it miraculous!”

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