Breaking Down Walls

“I grew up in a broken, dysfunctional home…”

Breaking Down Walls

Rebekah: I just wanted to reach out to the whole team to thank you for your faithfulness to God’s call on your lives. I began hearing Matthew’s songs when I was in high school and they struck a chord in my soul that had never before been struck. The word that always came to mind was “truth”, meaning, the songs spoke truth no one else was willing to talk about. I grew up in a broken, dysfunctional home, but also in the church. I knew a lot about God, but had walls of all sorts between me and Him. Matthew’s songs have been a hammer helping me break those walls down. They have been an encouragement that my struggles are not mine alone. They have been a challenge to look up, move forward, and seek help and healing. I have cried through them countless times- tears of relief that God loves me in spite of it all, tears of repentance when I finally realize something I’ve been living has been wrong, tears of frustration and anger at things I’ve lived through that I shouldn’t and couldn’t acknowledge as wrong until I heard a song, and many more, I’m sure. The last year has been one of astounding healing and growth for me, but I still smile, cry, laugh, and feel loved and known every time one of the “special” songs comes on the radio or my device.

So, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being truthful, open, honest, clear, and courageous enough to face head-on into the sin and hurt we experience in the world, and to powerfully bring God to the table through the medium of music. You’ve been used by Him to change my heart and my life and I can’t thank you enough.

Keep up the good work, brother!

“The last year has been one of astounding healing and growth for me…”

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