Broken Everything

“I have really been dealing with a lot of broken everything…”

Broken Everything

Adam: There have been some real hard things going on in my life- dealing with bad relationships and bad everything. I have really been dealing with a lot of broken everything in the last few weeks, and as I sat listening to a playlist of songs, it hit me that one after the next talked about the things that God could do for me. I had made this playlist while I was feeling…well, inspired, and feeling good about things, and here it was, preaching to me. It was reaching out to me, telling me that things were going to be alright. That this big God is still going to be there in the end…that He has not forgotten me even though there’s all this brokenness around me. He loves me and cares for me so much. I knew that He did, but not until all this started hitting and really impacting my life this way- when all life started falling apart did I realize that God was the kind of God who really does stay, no matter what. He doesn’t leave us in our hour of need. Even when we are falling to pieces and being shattered on the rocks, He is right there. He will pick us up. He will put us back together. That is what He is doing for me right now, today.

“He doesn’t leave us in our hour of need.”

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