Dealing With Anxiety Attacks – Bubby’s Story

“I can remember suffering through anxiety and panic issues every night…”

Dealing With Anxiety Attacks – Bubby’s Story

Bubby: Hey, I just wanted to thank Matthew for his book, “Hello My Name Is” and for all he does for us! I’ve met him a handful of times and he is such an awesome child of God. On page 58, I believe, he talks about the story of the 11-year-old who asked for the hug and shared about his anxiety. It took me back to my childhood. I didn’t come to faith until I was 14. A man!! (Lol. I thought…) But I can remember being 5-10 and suffering through anxiety and panic issues every night and throughout the day. I won’t go into it, but it was messed up. Family life was messed up. When I read how this little boy thinking of God holding him when listening to Matt’s song, it brought tears to my eyes. I’m 58 and still have memories of my childhood that can hurt if I dwell in them, but I very seldom do…only when things like reading or seeing or hearing someone else’s experiences. I looked back at how God was there for me all along even though I was not His child yet. His love is so totally encompassing!! It fills every void in my soul. At 12 I was prescribed some medicine that helped, but it was addictive, and when my mom took me off them abruptly, I turned to drinking and drugging heavier then I had already started a year or so earlier. It was a long road I went through, but thank God, I will have 19 years of sobriety this month. My name is “Saved,” in so many ways.

“My name is ‘Saved.’”

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