Fighting Fire with Prayer

“…Ella spent the next several months fighting for her life.”

Fighting Fire with Prayer

One evening, a fire started in baby Ella’s room. Ella was asleep, but her five-year-old brother woke up to his room being filled with smoke. He immediately tried to go to his baby sister’s room to save her, but was not able to reach her because of the raging flames. He ran to his mom’s room and woke the family up. Soon, the fire department arrived and went straight up to save Ella. As they were making their way down the stairs, Ella’s room exploded from the fire. Ella critically burned over half her body and had to be airlifted to a hospital in Springfield, IL. There, Ella spent the next several months fighting for her life.

While in the hospital, Ella endured multiple surgeries and setbacks. She went through painful withdrawals from her pain medication and lost her ability to walk and move her arms due to her thickening scar tissue. The doctor’s admitted that her chances of survival were unknown, and if she did make it, her healing would take at least a year in the hospital. Amidst all these trials, the family only knew one thing to do: pray.

As the days turned into months of waiting for results, the family kept on praying. Soon, the entire town was praying.  Someone even donated a billboard that simply said, “Praying for Baby Ella.”  Ella’s story eventually spread through social media and her family received prayers from all over the country.  Soon, these prayers were answered.  Miraculously, Ella was healed in only 3 short months. Today, Ella is thriving, thanks to the power of prayer.

“Today, Ella is thriving, thanks to the power of prayer.”

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