Fighting For Life

“I’ve had to be a fighter most of my life…”

Fighting For Life

Amy: I’m a living, breathing, walking miracle. I have had Type 1 Diabetes for 3/4 of my life. Three times I’ve gone into a diabetic coma. The first time, I had to be airlifted. The second time, I don’t remember, but the third coma was the worst one. My mom found me in my apartment- she said she tried calling me for 3 days with no answer. I gave her a key in case of emergency and she came. I was cold and blue. 911 was immediately called and she said that she was just pacing the hallway and kept saying that she had to see me. They finally let her have 5 minutes with me and when she walked in, she said that everyone got quiet and stepped away. She said that scared her so much- I can only imagine. She said that she kept saying that I had to make it, had to keep fighting. She said that she knew I heard her because one teardrop rolled down my face.

I’ve had to be a fighter most of my life, but this took it to the next level. She refused to let them take me off life support. I had to learn to walk, brush my teeth and hair, basically everything. Now my body is much weaker, but through God’s grace and mercy, I’m still here. I still have trouble talking and I use a walker, but I’m still going. I live in a group home because of my medical issues. I have mild cognitive impairment, which will get worse with time. I live in San Antonio and wanted to go to your concert here, but couldn’t afford it. I feel that music tells my story better than I can now. This is just a brief synopsis, all three times they told my family that I could not come out of the comas, so yes, I’m a living, breathing, walking miracle.

Thank you for your music – I really connect to it.

“...through God’s grace and mercy, I’m still here.”

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